Manasc Isaac has delivered innovative, integrated, sustainable design solutions across Alberta for 20 years. We’re known primarily as architects, but our team doesn’t just design new buildings – we create fingerprinted interior solutions based on your unique organizational needs!

IN is Manasc Isaac’s newly expanded interior design team. Leveraging over 30 years combined experience creating ambitious interior environments; our interior designers transform space to maximize the positive impact it has on your organization. The signature of our philosophy:

Our philosophy:

  • Not About Us -  Your design is about you. Manasc Isaac's signature is collaboration, allowing us to stamp your fingerprint on your design.
  • Healthy, Sustainable Environments - We're known for excellence in green building, and it's crucial that our projects sit lightly on the earth, and are good for their occupants' health. We want you to feel good about the design and material decisions that your space has on the environment, your health and well-being.
  • Activity Based Working - This design approach offers a variety of spaces for you to work, so that whether you require Concentration, Collaboration or Chatter space, your needs are met!

For those of you in either Edmonton or Calgary, please join us to meet our interior design team and learn more about how we can fingerprint your organization in your enivronment:

  • Edmonton: April 6, 5-8pm. Click HERE to RSVP
  • Calgary: May 4, 5-8pm. Click HERE to RSVP

Come on IN!

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