Sustainable design is at the core of our work. We will make the world a better place with each of our assignments.

About us

Our team’s journey began with designing high-performance buildings in Canada’s Arctic 30 years ago. Since then, Manasc Isaac has translated the knowledge we developed working in extreme climates into a commitment to be frugal with resources while creating great environments for people.

Living on the leading edge of green building technologies, we have achieved many firsts including:

Numerous awards including the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Innovation Award, the Brilliant Building Award and the Governor General’s Award speak to the quality of our work.

One of our passions is the reimagine initiative, which aims to refresh existing buildings on the inside and out. We lead the way in utilizing the latest technologies to transform aging buildings into healthy, beautiful and financially viable assets for owners and occupants alike.

How we do it

Our world is interconnected, and buildings are an important part of this integrated whole. Manasc Isaac’s design process reflects this integration, bringing a diverse range of stakeholders into the conversation.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mandate is to do good in the world and we achieve this through respectful relationships with our stakeholders. We recognize our responsibility to the environment and the discipline of architecture, as well as to our community, our clients, our contractors, our consultants and suppliers and our own team.


Our Studios

We want to understand and experience all the latest sustainable design technologies before integrating them into your project. Our Edmonton, Calgary and Bucharest studios serve as a test bed where we practice what we preach. Our green operations in Edmonton earned us first place in the City’s Small Business Eco Challenge for 2012 and 2013.

We are licensed to work in various locations across Canada, and around the world: Alberta, British Columbia, The Northwest Territories and Romania!

Our Activity Based Working layout makes for a flexible, dynamic and collaborative environment at each studio!


Interested in joining us?

We are always looking to grow our family and would love to hear from you.