CSR-graphicWe only take on projects that result in making the world a better place. Why? For us, it boils down to a strong sense of responsibility to others, and our relationships with those we are connected to through our work.

The Environment

We believe in investing for the future. Both our work and our operations innovate and pioneer sustainable technology. We live on the cutting edge of green innovation, named Alberta’s Best Workplace for the Environmentally Conscious and Small Business Eco Challenge winner multiple times.


We are committed to high architectural standards, and our work celebrates the fresh and beautiful. From the Governor General’s Medal of Excellence to the first-ever Brilliant Building awards, our designs will stand the test of time.

Communities: Edmonton & Calgary

We seek to enrich the quality of life within our community. Our team is actively engaged in our community, volunteering and offering leadership and support for myriad organizations in both Edmonton and Calgary. We created the Blue Sky Award in 2011, in an attempt to empower local non-profit organizations by offering winners $10,000 of consulting time from our firm.


Our clients’ values align with ours, and we take pride in building strong relationships with them! Our deeply collaborative approach highlights the value we place on these relationships and by engaging our clients early in the design process we achieve thoughtful, functional and healthy buildings that perfectly suit our clients’ needs.


We expect exceptional construction, and work closely with contractors to achieve quality, sustainable results! Our integrated design approach allows us to teach each other and build relationships with contractors that extend well beyond the completion of a project.

Consultants & Suppliers

We recognize and incent the highest level of technical, integrative sustainable design work. Continually evaluating performance, our relationship with all of our collaborating professionals is founded on trust, respect and courtesy.

Manasc Isaac Staff & Leadership

We are interconnected and responsible to one another. This is reflected in our culture and mentorship system, which allows one-on-one opportunities to address any issues in a team member’s life. Weekly and monthly staff meetings foster a broader understanding of the firm’s operation and allow us to share knowledge with one another.

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