Integrated by Design

We believe that when it comes to a project team, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Look at our own office; Manasc Isaac is a diverse team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Building Science Experts and Urbanists. Through our collective effort, we deliver exceptional and comprehensive results.

We take our deeply collaborative approach even further through a process called Integrated Design. This approach involves inviting a broad range of stakeholders at every project’s inception. Holding a Smart Start Charette encourages the entire team to solidify a vision statement, and subsequent workshops with consultants and contractors bring to light potential challenges to the project early in the game so that a solution can be worked out in advance, together.

We collaborate with complex teams to engage our increasingly sophisticated clients in an exploration of the priorities of values embedded in their buildings. This translates into a respect for our team and for our clients, and into an ability to collaborate with colleagues who share our values.




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