Manasc Isaac modernized École St. Gerard, a 40-year old academic school located in suburban Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Bursting at the seams due to enrollment pressures, École St. Gerard needed not only a modernization, but an addition as well.

Using our highly integrated workshop process, the design team brought together students, parents, teachers, community residents and municipal planners for a series of workshops. At these charettes, stakeholders considered details as microscopic as the accommodation of allergies and as macro as the alleviation of traffic at the urban scale.

Through this collaborative approach, the refreshed (and expanded) École St. Gerard emerged as a treasured building for the community, with enthusiastic buy-in from residents. École St. Gerard has been re-established as an eminent piece of Grande Prairie’s educational system.

Scope: New Construction, Renovation
Completion: 2006
Size (m2): 5,061
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

I would like to commend [Manasc Isaac] for a PHENOMENAL job of facilitating parental input at the school. The meeting served several purposes from educating to allowing parents to feel a part of the modernization process. Your team did a great job of allowing the creative process to freely roll with the understanding that ideas generated eventually have to submit to a reality processor. — Parent, École St. Gerard