This renovation renewed Athabasca University’s science labs, providing staff and students with bright and inviting spaces inside the existing building shell.

As a distance learning institution, the bulk of AU students' work is performed off-campus. However, a portion of their course work must be done on-site. These refreshed labs house research facilities for geology, microbiology, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as a spacious 30-student lab for visiting groups. Bright colours add vitality to the space, while graphic wall decals create visual interest and speak to the work being performed in the labs.

Completed on time and under budget, this sustainable renovation facilitates the expansion of Athabasca University’s growing Science Faculty.

Scope: Renovation
Completion: 2011
Size (m2): 745
Location: Athabsca, Alberta

The renovated science labs are a remarkable success. Now students and researchers can work unimpeded, using the best equipment and technologies. Our students have recently had the opportunity to take classes in a variety of courses in the renewed teaching labs, and just to see their faces as they enter and marvel at the space, the biological murals and their work benches is a testament that we will serve them well. — Dr. Lisa Carter, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Athabasca University