The innovative Chateh Water Treatment Plant smartly addresses the challenge of providing this remote First Nations community with safe drinking water.

For many First Nations communities, water quality issues are a constant challenge. Chateh, a community located on Dene Tha’ reserve land in the northwestern corner of Alberta, was no exception. Prior to the construction of the new plant, Chateh’s water was undrinkable.

The Chateh Water Treatment Plant was one of the first to practice the new design requirements of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) which demand solutions that enable lower life-cycle costs. This was achieved by making the design as compact as possible, saving energy, reduced embodied energy of building materials, and the integration of renewable energy sources.

The resulting building operates using 62% less energy and 65% less cost than a typical building of its type. Ultimately, the project delivers excellent water quality while exceeding both Health Canada and INAC’s standards.

Scope: New Construction
Completion: 2010
Location: Chateh, Alberta
Awards: Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards – Award of Excellence (2011)