The Demmitt Cultural Centre is a truly grassroots community facility, its construction almost entirely led by Demmitt’s volunteers.

Demmitt, a hamlet of 27 people located 80km northwest of Grande Prairie, was in need of a new community centre. The Cultural Centre is a creative response to this need, facilitating a truly diverse range of programming that ranges all the way from performances by northern Albertan musicians, to weddings.

Time, labour and materials for the Centre were contributed by the community. Working closely with designer Michael Rouke of Quiet Box Studio, Manasc Isaac delivered drawings and documentations that were sufficiently clear and understandable for a community-led building approach.

The end result is a jewel of a building for the hamlet, featuring unique construction technologies such as straw bale, structural insulated panels, and double-stud framing.

Scope: New Construction
Completion: 2010
Location: Demmitt, Alberta