Calgary needed a new Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Its old one was built in 1949, and did not reflect modern technologies or psychology.

The new facility is built on the same site, nestled in the heart of an established community. In order to elegantly integrate into the community, our design team buried the bulk of the building underground, pleasing both the eye and the building’s neighbours.

Suggesting little more than a pavilion in the park, the EOC is a truly robust facility, housing municipal operations during emergencies such as 2013’s floods. And it’s incredibly sustainable, to boot! Not only is it able to sustain itself for up to 72 hours off the grid, and is LEED® Gold Certified.

Scope: New Construction
Completion: 2012
Size (m²): 4,824
Awards: Alberta’s Top Construction Projects – Institutional (2012), American Concrete Institute Award of Excellence – Buildings (2013), Consulting Engineers of Alberta Award of Merit (2014)
Location: Calgary, Alberta