Fountain Park Recreation Centre opened in the 70s, and by the late 90s, the city's growth meant it was time to expand the recreation facility. Manasc Isaac and Camrec Architectural took on the expansion and renovation project, with a concept that evolved from the desire to maximise the potential of the existing facility. Placement of major water features in the building were intended to optimize existing natatorium space, which dramatically rises toward Sir Winston Churchill Avenue. The new competition pool tank was placed directly north of the existing tank resulting in the integration of a large architectural space designed to provide a visual impact and to facilitate monitoring and supervision of the expanded facility. Exterior finishes further attempt to integrate overall appearance of the new building into a coherent whole, while the interior finishes were selected for durability and highest cost benefit.

Since 2000, Fountain Park Recreation Centre has remained the focal point of aquatics lessons and competitions in St. Albert. The fresh design and coherent functional layout has remained largely unchanged and the finishes remain fresh, expressing the timelessness of excellent design.

Scope: Renovation
Completion: 2000
Size (m2): 4,153
Location: St. Albert, Alberta