Principal architect Vivian Manasc first laid eyes on the New Cambridge Lofts Penthouse space during a feasibility study that Manasc Isaac performed for the condominium corporation. Everyone else saw an empty and unappealing space: an empty room made out of metal cladding, with no windows, no insulation and just one door.

Vivian, however, saw potential. In fact, she began to envision her dream home perched there, atop the 19thfloor.

This blank canvas has been transformed into a spectacular Manhattan-style penthouse with unparalleled views and abundant natural light.

There is no air conditioner to use during the summer. Instead, large doors slide open allowing for pleasant cross-breezes.

Even more impressive, there is no heat source at work through the winter either! Excess waste heat from the elevator mechanical room is piped into the penthouse where triple-paned glass and a composite curtain wall framing system keep the space cozy even through Edmonton’s notoriously cold winters.

Scope: Renovation
Completion: 2011
Size (m2): 250
Location: Edmonton, Alberta