The condo board for Phase 2 of Seventh Streets Lofts invited Manasc Isaac’s reimagine team to perform a feasibility study on how to make the building more sustainable for the future. Our team identified the building’s “must do” tasks, as well as a number of “should do” and “nice to do” ideas.

One of the study’s most intriguing “nice to do” suggestions suggests adding an “umbrella” over the entire building, in the form of a green roof, filled with planting or vegetable gardens for the condo’s residents to enjoy. Beneath the green roof, the existing structure would become a rooftop patio, another benefit for condo occupants to enjoy. Skylights would be punched into the green roof portion, allowing the covered rooftop patio to be day-lit. In addition to looking fantastic, the green roof “umbrella” would serve a functional purpose, extending the life of the roof membrane by protecting it from the elements and simultaneously protecting balconies against problematic water penetration.

Seventh Streets Lofts went ahead with the “must do” portion of the study in Fall 2015; perhaps one day in the future, the Lofts will be singing in the rain beneath a green roof!

Scope: Study, Renovation
Completion: 2015
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Manasc Isaac coordinated the many moving parts of this project that had challenged the building, and its board, for years. Their architectural perspective integrated all the pieces, which came together to make Seventh Street Lofts a more resilient building. — Christian Gannon, President, Seventh Street Lofts Condominium Corporation