Manasc Isaac offered Skills Society the 2013 Blue Sky Award, which offers design services to Albertan non-profits who wish to realize their dream project. Supporting people with disabilities to be fully included as citizens in their community, we were compelled by the great work that Skills Society does. Their latest initiative is the Action Lab, a creative social lab and learning space for Skills Society and the larger community.

Designed to facilitate new ways of approaching challenges, the Action Lab is laid out to offer a wide variety of spaces, each equipped with its own set of creative tools, ranging from collage walls to a Six Thinking Hats area. The Action Lab is a physical manifestation of various workshop approaches and techniques, and its innovative mandate makes it the first of its kind in Western Canada. It’s bound to be a valuable tool for community organizations with problems to solve!

Scope: Renovation
Completion: 2015
Size (m2): 232
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

[The] process has enlightened our thinking and caused us to be excited about planning and developing space that reflects the values of our organization. — Pat Conrad, Executive Director, Skills Society
Meeting with Vivian was a breath of fresh air. Ideas we would have never imagined on our own, and watching them come to life in real time before our eyes. It was a complete mind overhaul. — Comment from initial planning session