This site recognizes Rossdale’s sacred First Nations burial ground and seeks to bring healing of the pain, frustration and mistrust felt by the descendants of those buried there.

The Traditional Burial Ground and Old Fort Edmonton Cemetary is more commonly known as Rossdale Memorial. This land is significant for several reasons; it’s where Edmonton’s fur trade was born, and it’s a once-forgotten, desecrated First Nations burial site.

The design process for this memorial was complex and difficult, spanning 6 months of workshops that brought together the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, descendants, stakeholders and community volunteers from the First Nations community. Overcoming the mistrust generated through previous desecration of human remains on the site, the team was eventually able to build a relationship of trust between the workshop attendee groups.

The memorial’s final design incorporates design elements that reflect the values and heritage of the individuals buried at the site, and now marks a significant piece of Edmonton’s history.

Scope: New Construction
Completion: 2007
Location: Edmonton, Alberta