WSP Place was a drab 1970s concrete office tower, in need of a refresh, with the ultimate goal to bring the building into the 21st Century. Not only did it become more efficient and sustainable (with energy consumption reductions of nearly 50%), but the update also rendered the tower more visually alluring, as befitting its high- profile location at a key intersection in the city's downtown core.

The building's lobby received a major refresh, required by the client to showcase their progressive culture and represent their brand. The dingy and dated interior gave way to an appealing and chic appearance, due in part to the clever lighting strategies employed. The concept for the feature lighting echoes the concept of the exterior (recessed linear LED strip lighting, integrated into a dynamic veneer wall paneling design).

Working around the limitations of retrofitting an existing space, the design team played with the way visitors and occupants perceive the depth and shape of the space.

Scope: Interior Design
Completion: 2018
Location: Edmonton, Alberta